Agents & Exporters


As agents and exporters, IMEX serves as the right arm for many medium and large-size businesses and marketplaces across the Middle East and North Africa. In partnership with you, we take your needs seriously and bring the full weight of our global connections and technical expertise to our business relations. This guarantees that we exceed your expectations and provide competitive prices on quality products as well as safe and efficient delivery.

IMEX acts as agents for trade deals between suppliers, manufacturers and marketplaces throughout the US, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa. As agents, IMEX connects trade partners, negotiates prices, ensures timelines and maintains relations between partners.


IMEX also provides export services. As exporters IMEX sources high quality products from the US and Canada and exports them in small and large container shipments to nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa, providing full service with worldwide tracking and on-time delivery.

Consultation & Project Management: Technical & Commercial


As consultants and project managers, IMEX commits extensive expertise to the service of your unique project. We ensure that your needs and priorities are understood and fulfilled. For companies looking to expand commercial ventures to North America, we manage and provide counsel on market viability, procurement, warehousing, quality control, marketing and sales, as well as production and logistics.


IMEX’s Technical Consultation & Project Management draws from decades of experience leading the construction and management teams of refineries, mills, and other factories around the world. With a focus on efficiency, sustainable construction and intelligent engineering consultations, IMEX brings projects of any scale to sustained success. Our expertise includes:

  • power generation
  • machinery installation
  • storage facility construction
  • climate management systems
  • regulatory compliance and safety
  • electrical systems supervision

Commercial Project Management at IMEX


Decades of experience in the commercial goods trading sector has made us a unique and valuable partner in any project. Our team members have served as leaders in the FMCG (fast moving commercial goods) sector, often working with largescale production lines.


We can manage all aspects of your particular project, including:

  • procurement
  • marketing and sales
  • just-in-time capabilities
  • quality control
  • regulatory compliance
  • logistics
  • production

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At IMEX we are determined to exceed your expectations. Drop us a line with your commercial or technical challenge. We’d love to hear from you.

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