Founded by Mr. Shukri Al-Furais in 2012 in Ontario, Canada, IMEX International Trading Inc. is a leading agent and exporter for agricultural products and industrial parts, connecting North America with the Middle East/North Africa. Drawing on a network of trusted partners, we’ve become an important element of many successful businesses across the Middle East.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, at the center of a major international shipping hub, IMEX sources products from leading agricultural and industrial suppliers across the United States and Canada. Through guaranteed exportation outlets, we can ship products to any country and have shipped to countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Somalia.

Our Mission


IMEX International Trading, Inc. exceeds the expectations of our clients by offering unparalleled expertise in procurement, exportation, pricing, and quality assurance. Our job is to offer fast, efficient, and expert service to maximize the profitability of your supply chain. From quality sourcing, to advanced logistics and friendly, personalized service, IMEX is your trusted partner in worldwide commerce. Since 2012, we have been providing our partners with peace of mind while helping to maximize profitability.


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